Thursday, January 14, 2010

Summer Camp 2009

I taught animation at a summer camp for the 92nd St Y this past summer. One of the lessons was drawing characters and exploring the developing process. For my examples I had the kids (ages 5-11) draw some well known figures to get the hang of it and warm up. Many of the kids enjoyed the process but some did not. Many of them crumpled the paper, ripped it up, threw it out, etc. Well, I couldnt let them go to waste - I fetched them out of the trash, collected them, and compiled them into sequences. Here they are;
"Sponge Blob" 2009

(For Higher Quality)
"Mickey Mice" 2009

(For Higher Quality)
Occasionally you will see my drawings in both of which I drew upside down - but often times the kids were making way better Sponge Bobs than the ones on TV even. WHY DONT THEY HIRE KIDS TO MAKE KIDS SHOWS?! IDIOTS! Anyways, I plan on using these somewhere at some point.

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