Tuesday, September 22, 2009


"4 Year Piece" - I started this piece my freshman year of high school - I completed it my senior year. It was a collection and story of that time period - It is currently hung in my bathroom - where I ponder and explore it in times of deep thought.
This is when I discovered animation cells - the combination and collection of ink, glue, paper, and cells is quiet interesting. I drew a bit of ink on the cell and left it for a long time in a drawer - then when working in a sketchbook I smeared some brown ink with water - I thought about combining the two - dug the cell out and - there you have it - early man.

A hard wood pencil on hard wood - its tough to manage but the friction of the two create unlike products - I hated drawing on this so I kept pushing it aside until I finished it.

Collections are meant to be gathered over periods of time - All of these sample pieces took several months to create - when the appropriate subject and moments present themselves. Often times if you force it you miss it. Allow the pieces to collect.

Childrens Book Illustration - Variations

Watercolor, ink, colored pencil

Watercolor, ink
Watercolor, ink

These drawings are all variations translated from 2 photos. They are samples of a few possibilities involving this character who was a dog. Some more realistic, some more cartoony.