Thursday, January 14, 2010

Applying the Lesson

Watching a child paint really opens up your eyes to the whole process of layering and coordination. A short time ago I started a drawing and allowed my foster son to finish it the way he pleased. Having never held a paint brush before his hand was weak and brush sloppy - he struggled to stay in the lines as he chose an area to fill in. His general knowledge of "fill in the space" was there but the operation was not. I found this very fascinating and attempted to apply it to my own process.

I side more with realism but struggle with applying color to that idea appropriately. So I agree more with filling it in and calling it a day. What I noticed watching my son was that he had the same goal - to fill in the space one way or another - layering sloppy brush strokes till it was done. I noticed the amount of texture this had created and discovered that when mixing it with different types of papers and inks it creates a lot more texture more natural to real life. In this case I am using DIAZO blueprint paper that turns color pretty much with any addition of moisture. By mixing inks, paints, water, and ammonia I got this effect - which is in some ways closer to where I wanna head which is towards WYETH but on a PICASSO level.
(note) this is being used for a test for a new illustrated/comic piece.
- Also take a look at the inspiration that came from watching a 1 and a half year old paint -

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