Sunday, December 20, 2009

Collaborating with people who are way more knowledgable about art than yourself...

These are collaborations with my foster son, Will (age 5).
I started by drawing images thinking he would like to color them in - turns out he was all for collaborating on them.
This ones called, "The Gate" - I had to show him what a ferris wheel was - he had never seen one before - or at least that he remembered - He was fascinated by it. He started all the pieces with a red china marker followed by black charcoal and then some paint - I kept all the steps the same throughout.
"Happy Faced Train" He was very concerned with the train tracks continuing off the front of the page - also there had to be two trees behind the train. I think theres also a floating train above the one I drew - a sort of out of body experience I suppose.

"Man in Monsters Stomach" This paper was different from the others - it was watercolor paper compared to a bristol type previously - it was a drawing I pulled out of my scrap drawer - the only one to be very different from the others - which he was used to seeing - he treated this very simply and slowly drew two verticle lines down the sides and tells me that hes in a stomach - I suggested coloring the sides black and he enjoyed smudging the charcoal out with his finger

"A House, Big House" This he was attempting to copy one of my drawings I was working on for a job - He wanted to add in wheels and trees and grass. It turned a pretty nicely rendered house into a boarded up abandoned house.

"Dog House, Give Me Back My Bone Please" - I believe this is the first time he tried to draw a dog - and he studied our dog Charlie for some time before making his choices as to how to structure it. The human was the first attempt - and when he felt he "messed up" he quickly changed it into the human - then trying again to capture the dog.

Heres some more:

"Hi Sea" - I was asked to draw the monkey - he supplied the house, the ball to play with up top, the food over the left shoulder, the kitchen to the left of the tail and "a nice blue rug" underneath.

"House Feet" - This one is obvious - with snow.

"Table Chair" - It has a variety of different foods on top including but not limited to bread, beans and hotdogs, and birthday cake.

"Kitty Box" - Each cat has its own food dish and home but share a litter box that is nailed to the ground and a chair in the right corner.

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