Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tenniel Inspired Drawings

These drawings were for a short film pitch.
I started with a rough then overlayed a detailed piece. 2 sizes of pens give the piece different looks - It is likely Tenniel used something like a crow quill - which is far more difficult to control - so you get some more organic lines and splatters if you have the control.

After many many revisions - these are the final designs. They are cartoony but offer the exaggerated realness that is common of Tenniel. The difficulties were keeping that delicate balance while doing as the client asked and thought was corre. The other difficulty was thinking below the costume of the characters - the texture and crosshatching must suggest the shape of the character.

I was also asked to create backgrounds for the project. We ran into some problems with communication so the backgrounds had to halt - but these are some of the roughs from the designs.

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